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 Evolve-By-Trade GTS Glitch

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PostSubject: Evolve-By-Trade GTS Glitch   Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:37 am

Amazing what Nintenod will let into our games.
This is simple. If you want to evolve your Haunter/Alakazam/Machoke and anyother Pokemon that requires a trade to evolve; all you have to do is use the GTS.

1. Put the Pokemon you wish to evolve on the GTS.
2. Ask for an impossible Pokemon, like a LVL 100 Abra.
3. Seek another trade, and complete it. Any trade will do.
4. After that's done, go back to SUMMARY and take your evolution-aspiring Pokemon back.
5. It should evolve when you recieve it.

There you go, you have a brand new Pokemon. This works also for Pokemon that require an item to be held at trade.
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Evolve-By-Trade GTS Glitch
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