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 check this shit out

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PostSubject: check this shit out   check this shit out Icon_minitimeFri Feb 29, 2008 11:58 pm

a guitarhero playin robot, huh, technology rulez

A bot getting 100% (FC) on Through the Fire and...
Added: January 24, 2008
A bot getting 100% (FC) on Through the Fire and Flames with a final score of 983,802.

So there the FC everyone's been looking for. The star power path may not have been perfect but it was at the very least decent. As you can see the bot is also able to use the whammy bar to help maximize it's score.

For those that don't know, a bot (short for robot) is a device/program that will automatically play Guitar Hero based on how it was programmed. This bot was made by modifying an Xbox 360 controller and wiring it up to a microcontroller.

Q: How long did it take to build this and get it working?
A: I had something functional (see last video) in around 1 week. To get this fully working, it took around 2 months of working on it on and off.

Q: What system is this for?
A: This is for the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero 3 (although untested, it will most likely work for GH1 and GH2 also)

Q: Do you play on Xbox Live?
A: I have an Xbox Live account however I have NO plans on taking this bot on there just for the sake of cheating the high scores.

Q: Why would you build this to cheat?
A: The challenge of this project was making a Guitar Hero playing robot, which I assure you was anything but easy. The point was not to cheat, but to build a functioning robot, at which I feel I have succeeded.

Q: How did you get this bot?
A: I built it.

Q: What does the robot look like?

A high quality video will be posted when I get off my lazy ass.

A lot of people have requested I make a video of the bot doing The Devil Went Down To Georgia. I would be willing to make this video, however, I would need a copy of the note chart for this song. Because it is DLC, I can't get a copy off the DVD of the game. If anyone has access to their Xbox 360 Hard Drive and is willing to send me the file I need, please private message me. The file I need is most likely called "tdwdtg.mid.qb.xen" or "tdwdtg_song.pak.xen" or something similar.
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PostSubject: Re: check this shit out   check this shit out Icon_minitimeSat Mar 01, 2008 12:30 am

yeah i saw it like last month
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check this shit out
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